Game Golf

Digital Experience

Project — UX/UI Design
Sector — Technology / Sports
Year — 2018/2019

Game Golf™ is the company that is changing how golfers and instructors around the world use data to improve on course performance. It helps golfers make data-driven decisions as they play.

We partnered with them to build their digital experience in terms of a companion mobile and wearable apps, and website .


We designed Game Golf's app from the ground-up. Before diving into creating concepts and prototypes, we spent the time understanding the user needs. We understood who the target audience is and defined the information architecture. This helped us design an onboarding and setup process that is tailored to the user.


Along with the 120+ screens we produced, we also looked into how can we elevate the UX that tiny bit more. We designed micro-interactions and animations that helped provide feedback to the user and guide him through important steps.


Being it a multi-platform solution, we laid the ground work for a coherent user experience by making sure we design for all screens sizes and platforms. This creates a feeling of unity of the product, no matter what platform you are on.


Suggested Case Studies

Suggested Case Studies

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