Fenris™ SRL Smart Driver

Track & improve your game.

Project — Industrial Design, Brand Design & UI/UX
Sector — Sport Goods
Year — 2020

In the past years, golf has seen a new turn. Digital technologies are meeting high-end engineering in the sake of helping users to improve their play. Smart club tags, motion-tracking cameras - just to name few. But golf is an already complex game by itself. So what those add-on technologies do is complicate the user flow by increasing a so far important gear.

This project puts golfers of any experience in the center of attention. The brand's ecosystem aims to simplify the experience of users who want to perfect their game. Fenris offers an all-included system merging in the nicest way, advanced engineered clubs with an extremely accurate built-in data processing and analysis.

The brand left@2x
The brand right@2x
The logomark@2x
The colors@2x
The typo@2x
The product left@2x
The product right@2x
200709_Fenris_Closeup_red screw_final
Close-up of a golf player intent on perfecting the swing
200819 fenris onboarding mockup
App experience right@2x
Effortless pairing left@2x
200819 fenris add club
200819 fenris play
Data-driver right@2x
Swing path left@2x
200819 fenris club swing anti-alias
200819 fenris face angle anti-alias
Face angle right@2x
Club path left@2x
200819 club path anti-alias

Suggested Case Studies

Suggested Case Studies

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