A reflection about the importance of the environment in everyday life by Matilde Borelli (Italian, Marketing Team).

The environment can influence people's behaviour and motivation to act.

Eskild Hansen Design Studio is in one of the most aesthetic and designed cities in the world: Copenhagen. The alternation and versatility of colours, lights and shapes define the perception and feeling of the city as well as inspire the creativity of our amazing designers.

The first time I arrived in Copenhagen, I immediately got the sensation of being in a Wes Anderson's movie. Being a student in creative industries, I immediately related it to Accidentally Wes Anderson that aims at sharing all the places on earth that remind of the aesthetic of the multifaceted director. The design is a key element in the process, and it can enhance creativity and eclecticism.

So...where should a designer go to find inspiration and connect with his/her inner eccentricity?

Dear friends, let me suggest you some places where to go according to Accidentally Wes Anderson: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyboder Mindestuer, Bagsværd Church, Nordisk Film Biografer Palads, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Church of the Holy Spirit, Amalienborg, Rosenborg Castle, Frederiksberg Gardens & Palace.

I would like to include, in the above-mentioned list, our Studio: a little red house hidden in the heart of Østerbro with a work environment warm and familiar, where our designers can freely express their personality. It is one of our main objectives.

The environment and the context in which we live has an influence on us, it motivates us. If you have not the time to go around the city and search for inspiration, there are few things you can do to make your work environment both inspiring and aesthetically pleasant, just like a scene in a movie of Wes Anderson: colorful lights, pictures, plants and natural light.

I could be biased but we are pretty much investing to have all those elements - perhaps you should do that as well?

Design is present in our lives in different settings, and we want to value it as much as we can through our community and environment, showing that you are surrounded by design: buildings, products, services etc.

Just check it out yourself!

Matilde Borelli (Italian, Marketing Team)